Seven psychological signs of AIDS outside marriage

Seven psychological signs of AIDS outside marriage

The expected rise in the expected divorce rate is obvious to everyone. For the reasons for extramarital affairs, various scholars have different opinions, but most people think that any person who has extramarital affairs must have one of the following symptoms.

  1. Someone who is willing to return to the family needs help from each other because of difficulties in life, or because the husband has been away for a long time, and the family has been taken care of by the other party for a long time.

In fact, since the other person sincerely helps you, he doesn’t try to reward you. The other person has kindness to you. You can remember it in your heart. Why give yourself up?

If this affects the other person’s family, would it not be good to do bad things.

  2. Some couples have revenge because one side has an affair and does not listen to persuasion. The other side actively seeks a third party in order to retaliate against each other, which leads to extramarital affairs.

In fact, knowing that the other party is having an affair is wrong, why did you go to find a third party?

Moreover, marriage is free, and divorce is also free. If the relationship has broken down and there is no possibility of reconciliation, it may be better to divorce, to reconcile well, and to be a friend is better than revenge.

  3, some curious husbands and wives often have ordinary lives and feel bland, but the heroines of film and television are entangled with their lovers, and the waves are multiplied by each other, they have a tasteful and unrestrained, and they also want to experience this kind of life, so,Driven by this curiosity, extramarital affairs occur.

In fact, peace is blessing. Don’t look at the mountain high, you don’t know how to be in the blessing.

  4. Compensation Psychology Some people are lonely and uncomfortable because of the separation of husband and wife, or because the husband and wife have physical defects, are not physically satisfied, or the relationship between the husband and wife is different. Therefore, actively seeking a third party or willing to accept the third party may compensate,Thereby forming an extramarital affair.

In fact, sexual life is not the whole content of husband and wife life. As long as the husband and wife strengthen the relationship, communicate more emotionally, miss each other in their hearts, life is still full, so no need to compensate.

  5. Psychology of enthusiasm Some lovers eventually become dependents. When both parties become married, or one party is unwilling to become a family, they still fall in love with each other. When one party has a difficult life or the husband and wife are not in a relationship, the other party feels that they still owe each other’s affection.Therefore, he took the initiative to initiate the embrace of the old lover, and the old love revived, resulting in extramarital affairs.

In fact, a lover may not become a family member. Since both parties have become married or the other party has become married, they should face the reality and cherish the relationship between husband and wife. When the other party has difficulties in life or the husband and wife are in conflict, use extramarital affairs to repay each other ‘s interest.At the same time, it is better to help the other party than to harm the other party.

  6. Some people are greedy for money because they are greedy for each other’s money, regardless of their personality, and actively commit themselves to each other in exchange for a few copper plates, thereby forming an extramarital affair. In fact, personality is a priceless treasure. Money is something outside of you.Flowers, why bother with a priceless treasure for a few copper plates?

In addition, rich people should also avoid, since the other party is greed for your money, why bother to pay true love for the other party, and have a relationship.

  7, picture psychology Some people because of coveting the beauty of the woman or the man’s body, take the initiative to show love, resulting in extramarital affairs.

In fact, beauty and beauty will naturally disappear with the increase of age. Only the beauty of the soul is eternal. Like wine, the longer the time, the more mellow.

Therefore, the most important thing is to be good at discovering the splendor of your spouse, and present your true feelings. In this way, Xi Shi will naturally appear in the eyes of the lover.