Dahan Health: The cold wave hits the cold


Dahan Health: The cold wave hits the cold

The Great Cold of January 20, 2018, is the last solar term in the twenty-four solar terms.

At this time, the cold wave is saturated southward. It is the coldest period of the year in some parts of China. The wind is cold and the temperature is low. The snow area is not snowy. It shows the cold and cold scenes.

As the saying goes, “When the winter moves, it is less sick; in the winter, lazy, drink a bowl of medicine.”

The yang of the heavens and the earth is gradually rising, and the blood and blood of the human body should be properly stretched. Sometimes the most effective way is to increase the movement.

However, due to the cold that continues to decrease during the cold season, the movement must not be too strong, the intensity should not be too large, and the time should not be too early.

The cold weather is low, and the time for people to stay in a closed space is greatly increased. Because of the cold and not paying attention to ventilation and ventilation, the indoor air cannot be replenished and replaced in time, and the air quality is degraded.

Coupled with the reduction of people’s activities in winter, the body’s hypoxia will occur, meteorological medical experts called “hypoxia syndrome.”

If the time of hypoxia is too long, the body will have a series of discomforts, which will endanger life safety in severe cases.

Therefore, in the winter, it is necessary to properly open the window and ventilate the air to help people’s health and avoid the occurrence of “hypoxia syndrome.”

Great cold health: cold wave hits the cold first.

The top of the head is exposed to cold stimuli, the blood vessels will contract, the head muscles will be tense, and it will easily cause headaches, colds, and even repeated discomfort.


The warmth of the back warmth can affect the local muscles or the internal organs through the acupuncture points at the tail, which is harmful to health.

In addition to causing back pain, adjacent to the cold or through the cervical vertebrae, lumbar vertebrae affect the upper and lower limbs muscles and joints, internal organs, and promote various discomfort.


After the foot is warmed, the capillaries in the upper respiratory tract mucosa can be reflexively contracted, the cilia shift is slowed down, and the resistance is reduced.

The consequence is that the virus, the bacteria take advantage of it, multiply and make people catch a cold.

In the Great Cold season, it is best to develop a good habit of washing your feet before going to bed.

“Cold from the feet, cold from the legs”, the legs and feet of the people are cold, the whole body is cold.

Before going to sleep in the winter night, you can use hot water or medicated soup to get the bubble foot to achieve smooth blood circulation and improve the quality of sleep, especially for those who often read, write, and sit late into the night at night, before going to sleep.Hot feet should be soaked.

Dahan Health: The cold wave hits the cold. The Chinese medicine thinks that the cold is the evil spirit. The coldest solar terms are also the most prosperous period of yin and evil. From the perspective of diet and health, we must pay special attention to eating warm and hot foods to replenish the body.Protect against the cold weather and the human body.

Meat is the most suitable food in winter, especially the best soup, which can not only help the body to nourish, but also avoid the burden of spleen and stomach.

1, the effect of red dates and red dates is not only simple, but also the effect of qi supplement, the most effective against cold.

Jujube also contains a lot of thiamine, carotene, niacin and other vitamins, which play a very good role in enhancing physical fitness.

2, beef winter hot pot must-have beef, beef can increase the body’s ability to resist cold, excess iron can maintain normal hemoglobin, to carry blood oxygen to the brain and other important organs, protect the heart from overwork, makeMom is full of energy.

Expectant mothers eat 3-4 times a week of lean beef, not only can prevent iron deficiency anemia, enhance immunity, but also ensure good cold resistance.

3, white radish in the civilian folks have the reputation of “small ginseng”, there are also “winter to eat radish and eat ginger”.

Radish is rich in carbohydrates and multivitamins, of which vitamin C is 8-10 times higher than pears.

Radish does not contain oxalic acid, and it does not substantially bind to calcium in food, which is more conducive to calcium absorption.

4, tomatoes and tomatoes are rich in vitamins and minerals, and have high value in beauty and consumption.

In addition, because tomatoes, iron, magnesium, calcium, etc., are rare in other foods, it is good for the body to eat tomatoes.

5, raisin raisins also contain a lot of calcium, phosphorus, iron, etc., is a nourishing good for mothers, can help mothers to qi and blood, warm kidney, especially for anemia mothersIt is very good to eat some raisins.

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Winter health porridge is more healthy and healthy.