Hemp is also called hemp, and the seed is named hemp.

Is an annual herb of the family Cannabis.

Flowers dioecious.

The male inflorescence is conical, and is named apox.

The female inflorescences are short, globose or spike-like, and they are named Ma Cao.

The seeds are ovoid, commonly known as “flax hemp”, and are commonly used in Chinese medicine.

Hemp seeds are cooked for consumption.

The female inflorescence or immature fruit ears, namely Ma Cao, are used for medicinal purposes.

  Sexual flavor hemp kernels: sweet, flat, non-toxic.

Mochi: Xin, Ping, and poisonous.

  The component estrogen cannabis branch contains a brown semi-solid cannabis resin, which has three liquid substances, namely: cannabinol, cannabinol and tetracannabinol; and rot is rich in volatile oil, choline, trigonelline and so on.

The seeds contain protein, trace oils, vitamin B2, lecithin, plant crab alcohol, calcium, magnesium and glucuronic acid.

  Function Ma Run Run five internal organs, wind and heat the large intestine, dry knot.

To ease bowel moisturizers, suitable for chronic constipation.

Ephedra is a ephedrine drug that has sedative, antitussive and antiasthmatic effects.

  [遍身游走性风痛(包括神经病痛)]  麻蒉焙燥研细末,炼蜜为丸如弹子大(约重6克),每次1丸,以温黄酒送服(注意剂量,Take the effect as the degree, do not overdose to avoid poisoning).

  [骨节风病,不能运动]  大麻仁酒,每次服一小杯,一日2~3次,此可适量任饮,以微醉为度(大麻仁酒制法:大麻仁300克,于Wash in water, select those who are submerged, dry them, stir-fry them slowly until they are ripe, finely grind, and soak in the right amount of rice wine. The wine is slightly higher than the medicine 1-2 inches, then warm and shake. 7In the future, filter it again to remove the scum shell slag.

  [老人风痹,水肿腹大,便秘]  食麻子仁粥,即取大麻仁250克,研碎,加水滤过取汁,和入粳米两合(约250克),煮稀粥,再加葱, Salt and pepper, hollow clothes.

  [老人、小儿以及产妇大便秘结]  火麻仁15克(小儿6-9克),炒香研末,米汤调和,一次服下。If you can’t stop your stool, take it the next day.

  [哮喘,痉挛性咳嗽]  大麻枝梢切细,制成纸烟,点燃吸其烟,有镇痉、平喘之效。  [癫痫,神经症,癔病]  麻蒉12-15克,水煎服,可适当加重剂量,以见效为度。  [皮肤龟裂及其他皮肤病搔痒]  生大麻子捣烂如泥,以纱布包裹,烘热擦拭患部,一日3-4次。