Test what a boyfriend is like

Test what a boyfriend is like

Just look down to see what style of shoes he likes to wear, and immediately discover his unknown inner world.


Prefer to wear black leather shoes 2.

Prefer to wear casual shoes 3.

Prefer to wear sandals 4.

Prefer to wear short boots 5.

Analysis of the results of preference for sports shoes: 1.

The man who chooses the traditional “preferred man wearing black shoes” still retains traditional family concepts and masculinity, recognizes family life and ethics, and even if his parents are not too rational, he will still try to be tolerant.

  He is a face-conscious animal, and friends are his most recognized part, so you must not laugh at him in front of everyone for being too fat, stupid, and too thin, otherwise you will be in the list of “rejecting clients”Girl.

  Your aggressive offensive strategy: respect his achievements, professional, and should proudly say, “I’m proud of him”, even worship him a bit, satisfy his heart, and of course, filial his parents, and with himFriends are mingled together, I believe he will unknowingly give his heart to you.


He prefers men who wear casual shoes and value the first impression. He is a man who likes to be the subject of control. He has a strong subjective consciousness and often has preconceived ideas. Therefore, your first impression is important.

  He knows exactly what kind of woman he likes, and although he often loses himself sometimes, and then falls in love with a girl who shouldn’t be loved, he absolutely does not admit his fault and only feels that his personality is different.

  Your aggressive offensive strategy: Your unique personality or idea will make him curious about you and want to know you better.

Keep your clear mind and be a smart and lovely woman. Don’t be foolish and unreasonable, let alone control him and let him listen to your orders. These will keep him away from you, of course, he won’t catch his heart.


Choose “the man who prefers to wear sandals” who is loyal to his feelings. He is a man who is loyal to his feelings. In his life, there are things he thinks he can. You must not deny him or laugh at him.Those “reasonable” things were too idealistic.

But he will find a balance with reality, so don’t worry about him.

  Your aggressive offensive strategy: Giving him space and time is one of the little tricks you want to take for granted. In addition, when his mood is low, he will bring him positive feelings of optimism, cheerfulness, and sunshine, and he will act for you heartily.

Maybe he won’t express his enthusiasm very strongly, but in his heart, if you already have a place, it will be difficult for him to forget you.


Choosing “Prefers men who wear short boots” A man with a fragile heart protects himself as a package that he camouflages his fragile mood. Sometimes he looks rebellious or disdainful. In fact, he cares deeply in his heart.It’s terrible, and it’s very heavy.

So don’t be affected or make a subjective impression by his superficial mood, because this is often untrue, or even the opposite.

  Your aggressive offensive strategy: Distress his fragile heart, care more about him, be more considerate of him, and sometimes your sincere and caring care will make him impressed for a long time, and of course, his heart will be shaken by youIt’s up!


Choose “natural men” who prefer “men who wear sneakers.” He doesn’t like pretentious, unnatural people, things, things, and even can’t tolerate girls who are thoughtful.

In addition, he likes nature, and he also hopes that the other party can play with him freely and enjoy the unrestrained world of two people.

  Your aggressive offensive strategy: Your pure heart and natural attitude will deeply attract him, his kind and lovely smile and his dealings with others will make you more fascinated.

You can take the initiative and share the interesting things in life with him. It is natural to mingle with him, sometimes like his buddies, and sometimes to a cute little girl.

At this time, his heart went unconsciously, and you were stolen by you!