[How about drinking carrot juice every day]_Carrot juice_Efficacy_Action

[How about drinking carrot juice every day]_Carrot juice_Efficacy_Action

Carrots can usually be stir-fried, and you can also use juice. Carrots have high nutritional value and good efficacy. This is an oxidant that can effectively fight cancer.Can promote laxative metabolism, so drinking carrot juice every day has the effect of weight loss, so it is very good.

Effects Carrot juice contains very high beta-carotene, which is an anticancer agent.

Beta-carotene is a pigmentary substance in plants that forms vitamin A.

Vitamin A helps to improve vision, prevent dry eyes and skin, helps maintain the digestive system, urinary system, and improves the ability to resist bacterial infections.

Vitamins also have some anti-cancer effects.

If you don’t get enough vitamin A, the possible symptoms include: night blindness, slow growth, dry skin, xerophthalmia, etc.

Vitamin A from fresh carrots is very important for pregnant women.

They must not only maintain their own health, but also ensure the health of the newborn.

Carrot juice can also be used to clean the liver and excrete the body’s aunts and bile.

The liver can store large amounts of vitamin A for many years for use when necessary.

To maintain this proper reserve, sufficient vitamin A should be supplemented daily.

Therapeutic value Carrots are rich in carotene, which can be converted into vitamin A required by the body through the action of enzymes in the body. The human body lacks vitamin A. It is susceptible to dry eyes and night blindness, which can cause dry skin and eyesThe respiratory tract, urinary tract, and mucosa of the body have reduced anti-infective capacity.

Children lack vitamin A and teeth and bone development will be affected.

Modern pharmacological studies have shown that carrots contain an ingredient that lowers blood sugar.

That is, after the carrot is extracted with petroleum ether, an amorphous yellow substance can be obtained, which has a significant effect on reducing blood sugar for animals and humans.

In addition, if people take carrot juice three times a day, they can lower blood pressure and have anti-cancer effects.

Richard Dole, chairman of the British Cancer Research Council, believes that smokers often eat carrots, and the incidence of cancer will be significantly lower than those who do not eat carrots.

The radish juice can identify many nutrients contained in the carrots, which have protective effects on eye health.

In particular, the rich carotene is absorbed and converted into vitamin A. Vitamin A and protein can be combined into rhodopsin, which is an important substance for weak light in the rod-shaped cells of the eye retina.

At the same time, vitamin A can also make mucous secretion from epithelial cells and prevent dry eye disease.