Month: February 2020

Is your heart still young?

Heart health Is your heart still young? Heart health Is your heart okay? Perform a preliminary test to find out if your heart is younger or older than you. How old is your heart?   Test method: first sit still for 5 minutes, measure the pulse number A per minute; then do 20 standard bows (moderate […]

Six aspects of white-collar daily attention

Six aspects of white-collar daily attention . 1, after paying attention to the acid-base balance, modern people are indispensable for entertainment, although the restaurant’s food is delicious and attractive, but often unfortunate and carbohydrate is too high, and vitamin and mineral content is insufficient, often eaten outside the food should eat more vegetables, fruits,Bean products, […]


chestnut Chestnuts beech family. There are chestnuts, vertebral chestnuts, house chestnuts, etc., with similar performance. Fruits are for food. Fruits, shells, leaves, and bark are all medicinal.   The taste is salty, warm and non-toxic.   Ingredients include sugars, starch, protein, trace amounts, vitamins B1 and B2, shell buckets, bark and leaves with coagulants.   Function fruit: Yiqi […]

Men often feel sad and be vigilant!

Men often feel sad and be vigilant! As a man, do you often feel sad? If you answer “yes”, you need to be vigilant. Because men who often feel sad are likely to be symptoms of depression or neurasthenia. So what do men do when they feel sad, and how do they respond?   What to […]

15 whitening habits to keep you white

15 whitening habits to keep you white Every girl wants to be whiter, and then whiter . But in the summer season, the bright sunshine always makes us have nowhere to hide. To maintain beautiful and fair skin, the whitening habits in life cannot be ignored, and look at meThe perfect whitening handbook for you. […]

Five pathologies can find root from hair_1

Five kinds of pathologies can find “root” from hair [Introduction]The baby’s hair is more qualitative than the embryo at 6 months. The number of hairs is determined by the hair ball, which is the source of hair growth, which is determined by genetic factors. But the quality of hair is determined by acquired factors. Parents […]

Recommended Nourishing impotence diet for men

Recommended “Nourishing” impotence diet for men In terms of diet and nutrition, sexology experts recommend that men eat more kidney-filling essence, nourishing qi, nourishing blood and nourishing essence to improve sperm quality and healthy vitality. In fact, semen contains more than 50 substances such as arginine, multivitamins, enzymes, hormones, calcium and zinc choline. So “Essence” […]

Consuming oats can promote female sexuality

Consuming oats can promote female sexuality Oatmeal promotes the release of plasma pelvic hormones from the body. A study in Singapore showed that eating oats can help alleviate symptoms of male sexual dysfunction.   Researchers asked some middle-aged men to consume natural plant health products made from oats. Four weeks later, the men’s free insulin levels […]

Pinching earlobe eyes

Pinching earlobe eyes Wang Yiping, 48 years old, works at his desk for a long time. To adjust the rest and relieve fatigue, he pinches his earlobe whenever he is free. Sometimes he watches TV, reads newspapers, and reads a few times. See youEvery pin, keep accumulating, and get a certain effect.   The specific method […]